We aim to be the infrastructure on which real estate related financial products and services are developed, by creating and making available the profile of all properties across Europe.

This facilitates banks, insurance companies, real estate investors, retailers, and others meet consumer demand for online transactions, develop new sales channels, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Ask WiRE collects, collates, and analyses data from multiple, previously disparate sources, including government databases, open-source data, and satellite photography. Ask WiRE’s data analytics team provides insights, automates process, and develops models, such as for real estate valuations, environmental risk assessment, ESG reporting, etc, and monitors changes in the market in a dynamic manner by identifying new construction initiation, fluctuations in demand and supply dynamics, etc.

Property profiles and models are made available through an array of APIs (DaaS) and software interfaces (SaaS). WiRE also works alongside clients to structure and reorganise client-facing processes, develop new products and services, and develop real estate strategies.

In 2022, WiRE was awarded the “Best Fintech for Real Estate, Europe” by Pan Finance. The company was established in 2020 by seasoned real estate and finance professionals who had spent a combined 40 years underwriting, managing, and monetising real estate assets and non-performing loans for financial institutions across South-eastern Europe.