Risk Assesment

Ask WiRE is building the digital profile of all properties across Europe, by collecting, cleansing, and analysing publicly available information and geospatial data. By making available the profile of each property, this allows banks, investors, insurers, and other corporations to meet consumer demand, comply with regulatory requirements, and develop new sales channels.

The data analytics team, often in partnership with leading academic and research institutions, has developed and is maintaining databases and models available to monitor environmental and other risks to identify pockets of excessive exposure, opportunities for growth, and to automate risk assessment.

  • Acute risks, such as earthquakes, subsidence, landslide, flooding, wildfire, soil quality, vegetation density, weather, etc
  • Human-induced sources of risk such as petrol stations, refineries, high-speed roads, train lines, etc
  • Construction cost calculator to automatically estimate and monitor changes in the reconstruction cost of dwellings, houses and apartments