Real Estate Dynamics

Ask WiRE is building the digital profile of all properties across Europe, by collecting, cleansing, and analysing publicly available information and geospatial data. By making available the profile of each property, this allows banks, investors, insurers, and other corporations to meet consumer demand, comply with regulatory requirements, and develop new sales channels.

  • Monitor market prices and changes in demand and supply:
    • Transaction prices (+100,000 data points)
    • Asking prices from aggregators, portfolios of financial institutions, etc
    • Mapping of new construction activity through automated identification


  • Automate real estate valuations: Automated Valuation Model (AVM) compliant with the European Bank Authority (EBA)’s guidelines developed in partnership with academics from the University of Cambridge, UK.


  • Hotness model to dynamically identify points of price inflexion in submarkets by property type


  • Liquidity score to automatically rank and monitor the liquidity profile of portfolios


  • Price indices based on transaction activity