Models & Analytics

WiRE’s clients benefit from a set of bespoke tools, models and analytics that the team has developed, often in collaboration with leading academic and research institutions, which help them make faster, smarter decisions. In doing so, we deliver value to our local and international clients, public and private companies by bringing together a diverse team of experts who will work together to meet your increasingly complex needs.

For real estate market dynamics, the team has collaborated with academics from the University of Cambridge to develop an Automated Valuation Model (AVM). It has also developed a liquidity model that estimates the time on the market for each property and a model that identifies where prices are heating up.

WiRE has partnered with CYENS Centre of Excellence to develop various indices for the insurance industry, including flood, subsidence, landslide, wildfire and earthquake risk. It has also developed tools that show where new construction is taking place; these are used by corporates to identify future demand for various products and services and is used for strategic planning purposes.