WiRE offers alternative data sets that deliver high-quality, granular data to help financial institutions, real estate investors, insurance companies, and corporates look around corners, uncover opportunities and minimize risk.

We collect, collate, and analyse data from multiple, previously disparate, sources, e.g. government databases, open-source data, satellite photography, etc, and making it available through an array of APIs and consumer products.

Examples of data we provide include household information at the unit level, e.g. size, number of bedrooms, building age, etc, risks, e.g. flood risk, wildfire risk, landslide susceptibility, etc, as well as dynamic data such as urban growth, tree coverage (including distance from buildings), etc. This data is further enriched by aggregating and processing real estate pricing data, e.g. asking and achieved prices and rents, or data that may affect risk, e.g. petrol stations, betting shops, etc, or have ESG relevance to financial institutions or banks, e.g. susceptibility to climate change, energy efficiency of buildings, etc.