Ask WiRE assists clients make better decisions, by basing it on detailed data on the real estate market and leveraging the team’s extensive, hands-on experience in managing, marketing, and monetising real estate portfolios for more than 15 years.

Ask WiRE delivers real estate performance and business advantage for investors, financiers, and occupiers by combining 40 years underwriting, managing, and monetising real estate assets and non-performing loans for financial institutions across South-eastern Europe.

We offer end-to end solutions, leveraging on the depth and breadth of our expertise across the real estate market and in data analytics. We work with clients to analyse and optimise their exposures to real estate, develop business plans, structure complex transactions, and put together operating frameworks that leverage data and focus on optimization.

We have a holistic view of the market from which we can offer the best possible impartial advice to clients. When paired with our market research, Ask WiRE is able to anticipate trends and direct capital successfully, set up and manage real estate platforms, and provide ongoing support as needed.